OEM POE Injector 24 Port (POE24P)

44 000 CFA

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The 24 port PoE panel is used 10/100M Ethernet. The upper RJ45 sockets is form “LAN/Switch/PC” 1/2&3/6 are transmitting data. The under RJ45(power+data) socket is to deliver data and power: 1/2&3/6 transmitting data, 4/5(+)&7/8(-) for power.
Each socket provides protection against short overflow (current protection 650mA +15% -15%).
The configuration size of panel is:1U (height), 19” (width) and 25mm (thickness), as is available to answer market demand and convenient to be installed directly.
– USE 10/100M  Ethernet
– Flexible power(DC 12V TO 57V)
– Each Port Current Protection (650mA+/-15)
– For 19’’ Rack