OEM POE Injector 16 Port (POE16P)

34 000 CFA

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The 16 port PoE panel is used 10/100M Ethernet. The upper RJ45 sockets is form “LAN/Switch/PC” 1/2&3/6 are transmitting data. The under RJ45(power+data) socket is to deliver data and power: 1/2&3/6 transmitting data, 4/5(+)&7/8(-) for power. Passive POE iscomposed of 16 set of RJ45 sockets and two 60V DC power jack and 3 PIN din power connector. Input power requests160W or more AC TO DC power converter. The input dc hole diameter is 2.1mm and the other end OD id 5.5mm. And the other pin is 3 PIN(V+,V-,GND)power connector for Input.
Each socket provides protection against short overflow (current protection 650mA +15% -15%). The sum total output power must be lower than the MAX input power of AC-DC power converter. If not, it is necessary to consider taking higher AC-DC power converter. The recommended formula for AC-DC power converter is:10W per RJ45 set (1 set = 2 x RJ45sockets). For example, 16 x 10W = 160W for 16 port Passive PoE panel .
The configuration size of panel is:1U (height), 19” (width) and 25mm (thickness), as is available to answer market demand and convenient to be installed directly.
– USE 10/100M  Ethernet
– Flexible power(DC 12V TO 48V)
– Each Port Current Protection (650mA+/-15)
– For 19’’ Rack